July 03, 2012

Vote for Chinese Bridge

Hello bloggers, please kindly help us to vote for 林依云 in Chinese Bridge Competition  

But you could only vote after register or sign up a new account. Remember, you can vote every 1 minute.

here is the link :   http://zdc.chinese.cn/bridge/voteindex.jsp

Thank you so much :)

June 23, 2012

beezee holiday

i'm in holiday mode rite now. done all exams in my college, but still have another things to do---preparing for lecturers' farewell party. here are some silly picts to share

can you find my hands? :p

wushu wannabe
super sigh, still not well-prepared  for the both party and the real farewell. my lecturer is more than a lecturer to me... she's my sister, my mom, my best friend and i heart her so much as a part of my family. if only time could stop... if only she could stay more longer... :'(

quality time

gathered with 6 pretty ladies yesterday. miss Febe and Nova badly, hope we could have a 9-ladies-gathering on Dec. heart you guys more than words <3

May 28, 2012

life is life

ha!! din know what to post. time ticks so fast. too fast to be true. day by day, month by month just passed like seconds did. few days ago juniors had their prom nite. they've officially graduated from high schools. one year seems like yesterday. now it's their turn to get busy for college or looking for a job. and yah, just realized that i have been working here for 12 months. then i'm going to face final exam in my college on june, and soon, i'm gonna be a year 2 student.

i wish...i really really wish time could tick slower. the slower the better.

April 18, 2012

peek a boo

wink wink hi universe!!

above is the result of the competition i joined past two weeks. 10 of us didn't won the competition, we stood as finalists. but even so, i feel grateful and thankful could be the finalist of this competition. win or lose doesn't matter as long as i do my best and.. i did it. :)

April 05, 2012


5...6...7...8 April

Only 2 days to FINAL, and i haven't improve anything!!! Never had this feeling before just because of competition. The gado-gado feeling... stress, down, upset, depress, fear, nervous, etc etc etc. Well, i thank God, really, for letting me fight in the final round. but i really don't know what the result will be as noone could help me in this final. The one and only wish for this April is : i could do the best and have a good result for the final's God bless me yeahhh :(

March 21, 2012


march really really drives me so crazy. i'm in a mess. feeling so chaotic,upset, mad, hopeless, sad, confuse, hubbub, fear, nervous, stress, depress, down, etc etc etc etc all in one packaging. i wish could cry out loud. i'm so disappointed that even my parents din know how to comfort me. they don't even know how i feel, what do i need, what is in my thoughts, they don't even understand. fine, i din mean to blame them, i just feel... *deepsigh* .well my friends-my ladies are the best that i have. at least they could keep supporting me.

countdown 1 day... wish me luck. whatever, i will do my best.